For a variety of industrial applications and different other requirements.

Bronze / Brass

Centrifugal cast or cast tubes in different alloys. Appropriate for rough and dirty conditions, e.g. construction machinery and agricultural engines. Manufactured raw or machined according to customer drawings. High-quality phosphor tin-bronze with excellent sliding characteristics. High resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Applications: Machine industry, food industry, beverage industry, for water, gas and steam turbines, apparatus engineering and conveyor technique.

Sintered bronze / sintered iron

Precise manufactured, with a fine surface, especially for large-batch production. Temperatures from -20° C till +100° C, special models up to +450° C. Self-lubricating.

Applications: axle and pilot bearing, gear boxes, electric motor, wood working machine, gardening tools, bicycles.

White metal

Different alloys for centrifugal and die casting.

Applications: Engines, generators, mills, pumps, squeezers, gear boxes, turbines and locomotives.

Sliding elements

LDPE elements with high molecular weight. Good sliding characteristics, resistant to corrosion, chemicals, acid and wearout, easily processable, self-lubricating.

Applications: all kinds of conveyor mechanisms, etc.

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