Engine bearings are available in steel-aluminium (2-layer), in 3-layer material and as white metal bearings.

Indicated specifications are only guidelines. For detailed indications please get in touch with us. We are happy to give you advice.


Steel-aluminium (2-layer bearing)

Steel backing with aluminium layer (Sn, Cu, Al)

For average load up to +/- 40 N/mm2 and sliding velocity up to 15 m/s. Universally usable (e.g. main or big end bearing, gear box, thrust washer, pumps, etc.)

3-layer bearings

Steel backing with lead bronze layer (Pb, Sn, Cu) and additional anti-friction coating (Sn, Cu, Pb)

For loads above those of 2-layer bearings. Usable as main and big end bearing.

White metal bearings

Steel backing with lead bearing material (Sb, Sn, As, Cu, Pb)

For middle loads and high rotation speed. Relatively good dry running conditions in emergency cases, very good corrosion resistance. Usable as e.g. camshaft bearing, gear box bushing or compressor bearing.


Guide number for max. load, max. velocity and hardness of the shaft surface.